L’Oreal Professional Absolut Repair Cellular Lactic Acid Shampoo and Conditioner


Wow! This duo really works. I bleach my hair and this is the only shampoo and conditioner that softens and restores the damage that the bleach causes. It leaves hair silky smooth, manageable and brush-able. The bottles go a long way. There is no comparison even to Redken or Pureology brands for restoring hair softness from the dying process. It’s the best for damaged hair care or even curly hair care (I gave it to my boyfriend who has curly, dry hair, he was so thankful and his hair is so soft and glowing now). However, their store brand, does a good enough job for me when my budget is tight too 😉 Has anyone else tried these awesome products?

L’Oreal Professional Absolut Repair Shampoo $25.49 CVS

L’Oreal Professional Absolut Conditioner $26 CVS

L’Oreal Advanced Haircare Total Repair Shampoo $4.99 CVS

L’Oreal Advanced Haircare Total Repair Conditioner $4.99 CVS




Marc Jacobs Beauty Lamé Noir Ultra-Glittering Mascara


I really wanted to love this because, when it’s done right, the glitter mascara really makes your eyes pop. Years ago, Victoria’s Secret used to make one, and it was awesome, but they discontinued it. The application of this is tacky and thick, and the sparkles fall everywhere. Perhaps it would pair better with an eyelash primer. Maybe someone who is better with makeup has had better luck with this? Anyone? Or know of a good one? Sadly, I had to return it.

$26 Sephora

Yves Saint Laurent Fusion Ink Foundation SPF18 and Touche Eclat Foundation Brush


This is simply the best foundation I have ever put on my face. It is weightless, fluid-y and hydrating. It absorbs incredibly well and wears just as beautifully. It has a nice matte look after too.

y brush

It spreads beautifully with the Yves Saint Laurent Y Brush, giving really nice, full, seamless coverage. The bristles on this brush are the nicest ones I have felt. Soft, but firm, so it performs really well for blending foundation. The whole experience is really magical.


YSL Fusion Ink Foundation $60 Sephora

YSL Touche Eclat Foundation Brush or Y Brush $45 Sephora

Anyone given these a try or know a good one?

Nip+Fab Hydrate Dragon’s Blood Fix Plumping Mask


This mask applies thick and tacky. It has a cooling and slight burning sensation when applied to the skin. After ten minutes, and washing it off, skin is definitely plumper. The smell is exotic and fruity, if a little chemical-y. Paired with the Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel, it did give my face a nice glow. However, the moisturizing effect is not very pronounced. The bottle recommends it can be used as an overnight mask, however, I found it to be a little too irritating after a night of wearing it. Also, do not put under eyes, as I mistakenly did. It plumped my under eye skin in an unnatural way and gave some wrinkles there.  At a higher price point, I really like this leave on mask,  Dr. Brandt’s Needles No More Plump Up the Volume 3D Filler Mask at sephora.com for $95 (comes with an applicator brush). All in all, Nip+Fab is a decent enough product, especially for the price. Anyone else recommend a similar product or have an experience to share?

$14.99 CVS

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel


I enjoyed this product. The texture is light and thin, like water. It applies nicely, has that Neutrogena brand scent and absorbs well. It is a very light moisturizer. It goes on well under makeup and other skincare products. All in all, it did not give me that special glow I was looking for. But, it does what it says and it is well priced. Has anyone else tried this one or have a great one to recommend?

$19.99 CVS

Chanel UV Essentiel Daily Defense Sunscreen Anti-Pollution SPF 50


This is a magical chanel experience. The cream is light, fluidy and soft. You can feel is hydrate and moisturize as you apply it. It does not leave a tacky texture like the lower priced sunscreens. It is heavily scented with the chanel perfume-y scent, which I really like. Plus it is SPF 50. Does not interfere with makeup application, and skin is left with a smooth, hydrated texture. I highly recommend this. Any one else?

$55 chanel.com

Vine Vera Resveratrol Age Defying Eye Serum


This is a miracle in a bottle. It works instantly and lifts expression lines and fine lines in your face. I was really amazed. I have been using for a few days and my boyfriend was really shocked and how my face changed. It can be used not only for eyes, but other expression lines on face. I also use it, as a super expensive skin tightener for body. It tightens tummy, butt legs, etc. It has a smooth finish and a pleasing, light, unnoticable scent. I cannot recommend this product enough. After using it for a while longer, it actually improves the absorbency and efficiency of my other products as well (Sothy’s and Yves Saint Laurent) Has anyone else tried this brand? Love or hate?

$296 vinevera.com

Algenist Genius Ultimate Anti-Aging Melting Cleanser


This is a very luxurious wash. It is heavy and oily and leaves a heavy texture on your skin. It was a little too heavy for my taste. But it was a luxurious experience all the way. Perhaps it would be better suited for a different skin type, a dryer skin type. I have some Yves Saint Laurent Products which are heavy and luxuriously oily, so I did not need this one. Thoughts on this one?

$38 Sephora

Algenist Genius Ultimate Anti-Aging Bi-Phase Peel


Good points first, its very hydrating and very gentle. It is an oily hydrator, so it leaves a dewy, slightly thick feel to your skin. However, I do appreciate a more intense peel, and this peel was very slight. I did not notice much exfoliation at all. However, if you are interested in a more moisturizing and light peel, you would appreciate this product. It is very thick in its application and leaves your skin with a thick layer of hydration via  a slightly oily, shiny feel. Does anybody have a peel they love or tried this one?

$85 Sephora

Kate Somerville ExfoliKate Intensive Exfoliating Treatment


Kate Sommerville has two ExfoliKates, one for face and one for body. This review is for her face ExfoliKate. I really love this mask/peel. It really works, and takes off a nice little layer of skin. It is a gentle peel, and it takes only 2-3 minutes to work. The results are instant. However, I do love Vine Vera reservatrol peel better. It works more quickly, is a more intense peel, and has more lifting properties than exfoliKate. However, ExfoliKate is more reasonably priced. All in all, a delightful experience. I recommend this. Has anybody tried this one or the one for body?

$85 Sephora