Chanel UV Essentiel Daily Defense Sunscreen Anti-Pollution SPF 50


This is a magical chanel experience. The cream is light, fluidy and soft. You can feel is hydrate and moisturize as you apply it. It does not leave a tacky texture like the lower priced sunscreens. It is heavily scented with the chanel perfume-y scent, which I really like. Plus it is SPF 50. Does not interfere with makeup application, and skin is left with a smooth, hydrated texture. I highly recommend this. Any one else?



CVS Accelerated Wrinkle Repair SPF 30


I bought this product as a cheaper alternative to Neutrogena. It applies well enough, but the applied product does feel a little tacky, even though I know it has sunscreen, so some tackiness is expected, I did not love the feel. As a moisturizer it is okay, it does it’s job although it is not incredibly luxurious to the touch or hydrating. I did not notice any improvement in skin appearance. Overall, I do not recommend.

$16.99 CVS Stores